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Organizing a Themed Bridal Shower

country couples shower games

Did you know that there are many ways to celebrate a bridal shower? Just like a wedding you can choose from a wide range of styles, themes and venues to create a memorable day that will stay, not only in the guest of honor's memory, but all those who were able to attend the celebration.

Many hostess don't know that, just as there are many ways to "tie the knot", there are equally as many ways to host a bridal shower. And in fact there are plenty of ways for the two celebrations to compliment one another. Or, it is more appropriate to say that there are many ways for you to host a shower that compliments the theme of the wedding.

For example a very popular style of wedding that has been only gaining in popularity of the years in the country wedding. They capture all of the best features of country weddings, including the friendly and warm atmosphere, the charming rustic nature and all of the many other aspects that really bring the wedding celebration to life. There are already plenty of great options for invitations, decoration ideas, and tips on how to make them an unforgeable wedding.

As the hostess you will certainly be privy to the information that will allow you to arrange the appropriate theme for the bridal shower. Or if you will be hosting a little more modern event a couples or wedding shower. In which case you can really let your creativity flow since these styles of shower really allow for a wide type of party types that may not be as fitting when you host the traditional bridal shower.

So what are some excellent bridal shower ideas?

Country Themed Showers

country couples shower games

No matter if you will be celebrating at your home or in somebody's backyard there are plenty of ways for your to arrange a great country theme with little expense.

We have plenty of ideas and options for you if you want to move your shower in this direction. The idea here is to be free, creative and to capture the true essence of country life. Many of the ideas you'll find here on the website can and should be modified to fit your needs. No matter if you intend to celebrate a country wedding shower or a spa shower, focus on the aspects that pertain to your party and you will do fine.

Traditional & Modern Showers

There are so many choices when it comes to designing the theme for the shower that you may get caught up in the planning and forget what you intended to achieve. That is why we suggest making a plan. The reason for this is simple. It will help you stay focused on what you intend to achieve. When you plan a traditional shower you are building on what others have already done. This gives you plenty of options, but what many hostesses like is that they often act as a safety net. In the event that you make a mistake during your bridal shower planning there is a good chance that you can simply go online and look for the solution.

That isn't always the case when you plan a more daring theme. If that is the type of person your are then a more modern bridal shower idea might be what you want. Even a simple country theme has the potential to get out of hand if you try to incorporate too much.

So if you intend to celebrate a modern shower go ahead and highlight all of your goals. They will give you a point to work towards and you may find that something doesn't work before you have invested too much time and money in getting it set up. Because showers, no matter the size cost you both your time and depending on the size possibly a lot of money.

Picking the right idea for your bridal shower is a good way to help save yourself both. Speaking of which...

Country BBQ Couples Showers

One great way to compliment a country wedding is by hosting a country bridal shower. But here is an easy and often very manageable way to tie the two things together. And that is simply by hosting a couples shower BBQ.

One thing to remember when you choose to host a themed shower. No matter if it will be a country, spa, or retro is that you will not be able to please everyone. There will be the traditionalist among you who don't like the thought of including men, in the case of the country BBQ shower, etc.. Here is the good news though. You have very little chance to make them happy no matter what you plan. And there is only one person't opinion that really matters at a shower.

Look for more great bridal shower ideas, coming soon!