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Wedding Shower

There is a little confusion when it comes to the difference between a "bridal shower" and a "wedding shower." And by far the majority of hostess may simply use them interchangeably. And while they do make good synonyms there is more behind the name that simply an alternative.


The term bridal shower is an umbrella term that we use for many different themed parties. It doesn't matter if it will be a luau, retro, tea, or vintage party in most cases you will describe the event as with the simplest wording. And they almost always refer to a ladies only party. But what if you're going coed? Well that is where this alternative really shines. Of course you may also refer to it as a "couples shower" but it isn't nearly as specific as one focused on the wedding. And so this is where we would choose the term, wedding shower.

Why is this name better? Thanks for asking Aunt Ruth. But first let me ask this question? What is the purpose of a shower? Fun? True, but there is more.

Since the tradition of the shower goes as far back as the 1500s it surely has more meaning that an afternoon filled with cake, tea and silly games, doesn't it? It sure does. Many of the younger hostesses get caught up in the party atmosphere. And why shouldn't you? You're doing the bride-to-be a huge service and showing her how much you really care for her by making the day as fun and relaxed as possible. But there is also a history behind this tradition. Which is what brings us to the important part of the shower and that is:

The Wedding

And more importantly what comes after. Showers are here to prepare the home, to stock the kitchen, or shower her with lingerie. All of these party types are there to prepare her for the life that comes after the big day. That's why we like to keep the naming of your event clear. That is to use "wedding" of "couples," this is after all the true focus of any shower. And it helps to keep things organized. It will also sound better when you go about selecting the invitations for your bridal shower since it is more formal and has a more focused sound that the other alternative.

Still, no matter what you choose, just remember your main purpose for hosting the party, the time after the wedding. This is the what your main task is when you set about to arrange a bridal shower. And while you may feel it is daunting task, one filled with lists, preparations and a headaches, as long as the finished product does this one thing, and does it well you'll have done a great job!


  1. Use the term "bridal shower" for the majority of celebration types
  2. For those of you who will be hosting a party for the bride and groom consider using "wedding shower" over the more informal "couples shower" definition
  3. Remember the number one reason why you're hosting a shower, to prepare the bride for her life after the big day

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